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пятница, 4 июня 2010 г.

News, Freebie and Binge =)

cheers, dear friends!

finally, I kicked myself to type some news in the blog. i'm sorry for a long delay. actually i'm a bad blogger, u know, and my english is bad too. long posts take away hours of my life.)

okay, situation at the moment is as follows:

Konstantin is back in the project again after a brief rest period. i'm very pleased with this. to remind you, Konstantin is a guy who joined the "time is up" as a new sound producer. new music is written, and and we continue to work. i have some finished material.

"Ni Dha" promo single, includes 8 tracks. 5 explosive remixes and 2 b-sides. it is an experiment to some extent. the music is different from that on the "Northern dancer" album. It's more electronic, more technical, vigorous dance tracks. not club music or something, but it had a lot of bass and drums. it is mixture of ethnic and breakbeat with lots of tiny sound design details. many old fans who like slow melodic tracks like "Erase the Pain" tune do not really understand this new sound. i still receive some sexy e-mails of positive feedback about "Erase the Pain" and requests to write something like that. sorry, but at the moment i'm not interested, cuz it is too easy for me. we are not popstars or something like that, it is very important for us to remain true to ourselves. to make original non-standard things, and be respected among musicians and expert music lovers. if u listen to only one type of music, only trance for example, just leave it! you're not our audience! we will continue to increase our creativity, and write very interesting music. 

okay, here we go. "Martini" promo single, includes radio version & b-side. it is closer to the old "time is up" dance tracks based on a lead melody. back to roots, but fresh rethinking. this track was accepted on the radio more readily than "Ni Dha", cuz it's easier to perceive. you can listen to "Martini" tune on our myspace page.

now we are searching music labels, for publishing new music. any ideas?=)

and pleasant surprises.)))

our sound producer Konstantin Shilovsky aka Calopteryx made a remix of "Erase the Pain"!!! u can download this work right now, right here, because it's free!!! but that's not all. i made a breakbeat remix of my friend Eduard Shipulin's track called "The Path". it's my latest work and it's for free too. Konstantin helps me with mixing and mastering. 

Time Is Up - Erase The Pain [Coda Remix by Calopteryx] by Calopteryx

Edlands - The Path [Time Is Up Remix] download:


flac (lossless format)

you can listen to original mix of "The Path" track here 

so enjoy!))))  

also we have launched another website/blog - www.leftbytime.com, under the name of the track, which was video filmed. easy to remember! why we did this? for many reasons.one of them is that i earn extra writing music for tv, commercials, films, documentary, an so on. i need it to promote my services. the second reason,,, okay, it's a long story, so some other time! =) visit this site periodically. all the latest news is likely to be here, not on www.timeisup.com.

the last thing.

if you like our music, interested in the development the "Time Is Up" project and care about it, you can support us. you can use webmoney to send your donation. amount doesn't matter. every dollar is very important for us, because survival is getting harder and harder. in russia no one buys music. people are accustomed to internet freeloading and pirates do not leave any chance for us. thank u for your understanding! 


US Dollars:



oh, by the way, if you've become interested in our new music and wish to get it, u can contact us by e-mail: alex@timeisup.com

~ Alex.

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